For once, this isn’t about cake (although we love it dearly). We mean “we’ve got to have another ten years of pure fun before we can possibly consider growing up”. Here are our thoughts as we come to terms with being in our thirties, and wonder what the next decade will bring.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Life, oh life...

God yes, now I am in my thirties and life has certainly changed. Modern technology aside (does anyone reading this remember the pre-Facebook days, let alone Before Internet or even pre-PC?), people appear to have swapped drunken stupour for baby talk.

Speaking of Facebook, the majority of my friends' status updates appear to have transformed from 'Hanging this morning, got in at 5 this morning, how the fuck am I meant to function?' to 'Yasmin has cut her first teeth / has shit in her nappy for the first time, yippee / has slept through the night', before I could even say Jack Robinson.

Thankfully, not everybody has yet set up camp in Babyville. Even some of our married friends are 'waiting', clearly recognising that there's more to life than reproduction. Yet I can't help but feel the pressure. Family members ask for 'news', even colleagues make subtle enquiries about 'future plans', and I - I - remain torn between my current selfish, not quite spontaneous but relatively simple life, and that which lies ahead. Relishing what we have here and now, but equally excited about the future.

Because these days, we simply have too much choice. This generation benefits from an option, but suffers from an expectation: that we do it all. It's a decision that sometimes feels like a burden, and otherwise a revoluton. Has anyone decided just where it sits just yet? A path that leads us anywhere we like, but upon which the footsteps of a career woman are that little bit too harsh, but those of a mother almost too emotional...

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  1. Spot on Sister! I am trapped in the same place. Revelling in the fun and delicious life we have now, whilst people look on 'wondering' whether we are going to have kids, dropping hints... and I myself have no idea! I want children, but I'm really not sure I want them for the right reason. Pressure/expectation/following my friends are the reasons that are in my head now, and I shan't have one until those are replaced with more solid feelings of wanting to love something else selflessly. Will this happen?!